In the Media: The 1861 Project

We reported earlier this week on “The 1861 Project,” an Americana music take on the Civil War.Peter Cooper of the Tennessean profiled Thomm Jutz , a songwriter and performer on the f the project, in an article today:

“If you want to know anything about the American Civil War, you should
probably listen to the German guy.

“War swaths over people like a wave, and no matter what, you’re going to be
involved,” says Thomm Jutz, the songwriter and multi-instrumentalist behind a
new, multi-artist album called The 1861 Project: Volume 1, From Farmers to
Foot Soldiers

“You can’t get away from war, even if you aren’t behind the political reasons
behind the war. For me, there’s some kind of connection between growing up in
Germany after the second World War and being here, now, in the South. In some
ways, they are both defeated cultures.”

It’s a good read. You’ll find it here.


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