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At Sun209, we receive many more review copies than we’re able to write about, but try to flag some of the best we don’t get to.   A sampling of our recent reviews on  Twitter: .@BuzzCason ‘s Troubadour Heart an engaging showcase for “Everlasting Love” writer. Plus Dan Penn and Bobby Keys! @plowboyrecords Twelve Tales by A.J. Croce : Smart, soulful songs throughout.…

Review: Hard Working Americans

Hard Working Americans is fronted by singer-songwriter Todd Snider, sounding grittier and more subdued than he used to. His colleagues include guitarist Neal Casal of the Chris Robinson Brotherhood and Ryan Adams’ Cardinals, bassist (and co-producer) Dave Schools from the Dave Matthews Band, keyboardist Chad Staehly of Great American Taxi and drummer Duane Trucks from Col. Bruce Hampton’s School of Music.