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140 characters: Quick reviews, new releases

At Sun209, we receive many more review copies than we’re able to write about, but try to flag some of the best we don’t get to.   A sampling of our recent reviews on  Twitter: .@BuzzCason ‘s Troubadour Heart an engaging showcase for “Everlasting Love” writer. Plus Dan Penn and Bobby Keys! @plowboyrecords Twelve Tales by A.J. Croce : Smart, soulful songs throughout.…

Review: Hard Working Americans

Hard Working Americans is fronted by singer-songwriter Todd Snider, sounding grittier and more subdued than he used to. His colleagues include guitarist Neal Casal of the Chris Robinson Brotherhood and Ryan Adams’ Cardinals, bassist (and co-producer) Dave Schools from the Dave Matthews Band, keyboardist Chad Staehly of Great American Taxi and drummer Duane Trucks from Col. Bruce Hampton’s School of Music.

Review: The Whiskey Gentry’s “Holly Grove”

By Ken Paulson It’s that time of the year when we rush to catch up with particularly worthy albums that we never quite got around to reviewing. Case in point is the Whiskey Gentry’s Holly Grove, the second album from the Atlanta-based band. The Whiskey Gentry melds high-energy bluegrass and traditional country with some attitude, opening the album with heartbreak and…