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Celebrating Bobby Keys

By Ken Paulson (This article first appeared in May 2011 on Sun209. Bobby Keys passed away this week.) There was a moment in Bobby Keys’ show at the Mercy Lounge when it dawned on everyone just how pivotal a player in rock history he is. Sure, we knew of his long association with the Rolling Stones and his short, but…

In concert: Ian Hunter and the Rant Band

It’s remarkable that Ian Hunter, whose band scored just a single hit in the U.S, can continue to tour to good-sized crowds a half-century into his career. And yet his audience is with him every step of the way, devoted, enthralled and cheering madly for “I Wish I Was Your Mother” and “Michael Picasso.”

Staying Cool: Tim Carroll at the Mayday Brewery

By Ken Paulson I first saw Tim Carroll perform at a Nashville festival in the late ‘90s, where he shared a set with Amy Rigby and Kevin Gordon. All three impressed and clearly had bright futures, fueled by remarkable songs. Over the past 15 years, all have had considerable critical acclaim, though none have had major commercial success. That doesn’t…