A quotable cruise: Cayamo 2016

By Paul Mueller

Best quotes from the stages of Cayamo 2016:

“It’s like playing in a Lava Lamp, but it’s a great feeling.” – Alynda Segarra of Hurray for the Riff Raff, during a sunny midday set on the pool deck

Lucinda Williams and her "boys"

Lucinda Williams and her “boys”

“This is my band! These are my boys! Three guys with the power of six! “– Lucinda Williams, on her band, Buick 6

“Twenty-three percent of my day – a little more – is spent waiting for Teresa.” – Larry Campbell, while waiting for his wife and musical partner, Teresa Williams, to join him onstage

“I’m sweating up here like Ted Cruz at a Steve Earle concert.” – Jim Lauderdale

“We ain’t on this cruise to do the right thing, are we? We gonna straighten up on Monday”. – Paul Thorn, on questionable dietary choices at the buffet

“When you think of great songs, you think 1980s and you think Echo and the Bunnymen. At least I do.” – Jason Wilber, before performing that band’s “The Game”

“It’s OK to love the Grateful Dead. It’s also OK to hate the Grateful Dead. “– Buddy Miller, before singing “Black Muddy River”

“You guys are unnervingly quiet.” – Chris Stapleton, to the audience at one of his large-theater shows

“Please sing along with congregational gusto.” – J.T. Nero of Birds of Chicago, during the Saturday morning gospel show

“We’re gonna sing some really sad songs, and somehow it’s gonna make us all happy. “– Slaid Cleaves

“That’s the saddest S.O.B. I have to offer.” – Jason Isbell, on his cancer ballad “Elephant”

“Play it again!” – David Bromberg, to several band members and guest artists after each had played a solo.

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